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Getting Started - Guide to FTP

Discussion in 'cPanel Hosting' started by Darren, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Darren Administrator

    FTP is an acronym of "File Transfer Protocol". It is a very common method to move files around the internet, and is usually the primary way that people upload and update their websites. To use FTP, firstly I would recommend downloading some software.

    For a free, fully-featured FTP client we recommend FileZilla (FileZilla - The free FTP solution)

    Once FileZilla has been downloaded and installed to your computer, you should open and run the program. You'll be presented with the following screen:-


    The four main areas you'll need to enter your site information are listed at the top.


    These areas are:-

    Host this is the address that FileZilla will try to connect to. ftp.yourdomain.com (e.g. ftp.joebloggs.co.uk, if your site is joebloggs.co.uk)
    Username this is your site username
    Password enter your password here
    Port FTP is running on port 21

    Once you've entered the information, click Quickconnect and FileZilla will attempt to connect via FTP to your site.

    If you've entered everything correctly, you'll be rewarded with a directory listing in the bottom right window pane looking something like this:-


    This is a listing of all the files and directories on your webspace. A lot of the files are there by default and used by your Webmail programs and the like. It is best not to delete any of these files to ensure the stable operation of your site.

    To upload your website, double click on the public_html directory. You can then drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to this window and they will get uploaded to your webspace. Any files uploaded into the public_html directory are publically accessible from the internet. Once all the files for your website are uploaded, you will then be able to view your website in your web browser by accessing www.yourdomain.com.

    If you have any further questions or queries about FTP or any other issue, please contact support at support@tsohost.co.uk.

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